Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji Gatka Akhara

The Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji Gatka Akhara was originally formed as Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji Gatka Akhara (UK) under the instruction of Ustad Bhai Charanjit Singh Ji in 2004. The akhara (group) was never properly established in the UK until 2006 when Bhai Sahib Gurdial Singh Ji ‘Madho Ji’ (Damdami Taksal) gave aagiya (blessings) to the Singhs to re-launch the akhara under the name of Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji.

The akhara, under the new name, was launched in Leicester where ‘Madho Ji’ was staying to complete the restoration seva (service) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (everlasting Sikh Guru in scripture form). After a few months the akhara started classes in Leeds at The Sikh Temple Gurdwara, however, sevadars (volunteers) of the Gurdwara requested a change of name and subsequently continued the classes, to which they are doing a great service. The akhara was then approached by the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, where Gatka was taught to predominantly non-Sikhs. At the same time the akhara was approached by Gurdwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib, Doncaster, where classes ran for a number of years. As the eminence of the akhara was ever increasing, Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Bradford, approached the sevadars to launch classes in time for the opening of their new building in 2010. Gatka classes were held with great determination, and a number of students of the akhara have become very skilled practioners of the Sikh martial art. The akhara was then approached by the youth sevadars (volunteers) of Gurdwara Singh Sabha (Fartown) Huddersfield, where classes ran until recently.

With Guru Sahib’s kirpa (blessings) the sevadars of the akhara have taught Gatka to over 200 students and the numbers continue to increase with the launch of each new class. The akhara has performed many demonstrations to Sikh and non-Sikh audiences, nationally and internationally; and have also made a number of television appearances.

This website acts as an online portal for those wishing to learn more about the Sikh martial art and also to maintain the legacy and memory of one of the greatest ever practitioners of Gatka – Ustad Bhai Charanjit Singh Ji (1981-2004).


  1. Jai shri Ram I am krishan dev prashad from chandigarh . I am Hindu i want Gatka Training i was go in sector – 34 but they give me time 7.30PM this is not Suitable for me because i am a shopkeepar. i want morning time for gatka training.

    please help me
    thank u vir ji


  3. WJKKWJKF – I am interested to start gatka in leicester please let me know where I may start – many thanks

  4. I would like my boys to learn Gatka but it seems i cant cant find classes anywhere for them to learn.

  5. waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh
    mera nam jaswinder kaur .manu gatka bhut psand ha main gatka sikhna chandi ha pr sade mullanpur koi gatka nhi sikhanda .ap ji nu nimrta seht benti h ki kirpa krke tuc online gatka classes shuru kr devo ji tain jo married ladkiyain gatka Sikhna chauhndiya ne pr ghr to bahre nhi ja sakdiyaoh ghr hi gatka Sikh sakan .ik hor benti h ap g de sanmukh gatke ch shashtar videya te h pr bina shashtra to kive apni rakheya kiti jave eh v sikhaya jana chahida h .jive ji krate vgera v sikhaye jan .bs eni ki benti parvan krna g je kuj vad ghat likheya geya te kirpalta krke maf krna g .waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh.

    1. Gurfateh Ji Penji, Asi ik online app nu banaunde aa jo vidhyarti ne computer ja mobile phone rahi gatka sikh sakan. jado app bana geya asi tuhanu notification bhejange

  6. greetings, curious to know if any gatka classes are taking place within the TW5 area, any information would be great. thanks

    1. Gurfateh Ji! The Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Ji Akhara teaches at Featherstone Sports Centre (Southall) on Sundays 6-8pm. I would advise you speak to the sevadars at Singh Sabha Gurdwara (Park Avenue) or visit their social media sites (@AjitAkhara)

  7. Have few quetions
    I am hindu not sikh. i want to lean gatka. is it necessary to be a sikh if anyone want to learn gatka?
    I know judo and taekwondo. is it helpfull in my gatka classes?
    I live in delhi, pandav nagar.

    1. Gatka is open to all, as long as you follow the discipline of your teacher. We currently have no affiliated Gatka groups in Delhi.

  8. Sat Sri akal!! I would like to know if there are any gatka trainings available in manila, the Philippines? My son and I are interested in learning

    1. Unfortunately our Doncaster classes are no longer running. We are looking to establish new classes in Yorkshire in the forthcoming year.

  9. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh, main gatka sikhna chaundi haan par mere parents bahar jan di permission nai dinde es layi kirpa karke meriya online classes suru kar devo ji Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

    1. Gurfateh Ji Penji, Asi ik online app nu banaunde aa jo vidhyarti ne computer ja mobile phone rahi gatka sikh sakan. jado app bana geya asi tuhanu notification bhejange

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